Friday, February 17, 2012

February 2012

Bethel celebrations...
Hanah and her children have been attending our church from the day it opened. She came to know Christ as her personal Savior last year. Since that time, it has been a joy to watch her grow in her faith and to be faithful at the church. We talked to Hanah about baptism and what it pictured in her life. On January 1st, our church had a special day of celebration as Hanah was baptized. This was the first baptism for our church and it was a day of excitement as we rejoiced in what God had done. Adding to the praise of the day was another event. Seble also has been attending our church from the beginning. She has been an amazing encouragement as our church has taken its first steps. One day after church, Seble sat in our office expressing the fact she wanted to join our church. She gave an amazing testimony of what God had been doing in her life and the growth she had experienced in certain areas. Seble went through our membership interview process along with Hanah. It was great to welcome them both officially into the church as our first members!
Just over the last few weeks God has been working as we had several meetings with people desiring membership and baptism. Please continue to pray that God will add to His church and people will continue to respond to the preaching and teaching of His word.

Personal celebrations...
This week the government once again approved the paperwork that allows us to live in Ethiopia. The finalizing of these documents means our family can live in Ethiopia for another year! God truly does have all things in His hands and is able to make the path smooth. It is amazing to know that no obstacle, situation, or government is outside of His control.
Lastly, our family had the blessing of enjoying my mom and dad for Christmas this year. This is the third time they have come to Ethiopia. I think they like it! It is always a blessing to have family and friends come to visit. In April of this year, we are looking forward to having our Pastor, Richard Edwards, come to visit along with others. What a blessing to have the encouragement of so many people face to face.