Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2012

Bethel Bible Baptist Church looks ahead...
It is rainy season right now in Ethiopia. That means that each day sees the same pattern of rain and sun over and over for the next few weeks. Mud is everywhere and streets that were once passable by car become a slip and slide. Last week, one of our church members had her car stuck at the end of the street. It was only a few minutes till a large crowd of people had gathered and had formulated a plan to free the car. It never ceases to amaze me what is able to be done even with a lack of resources. Somehow, they always figure out something!
With the weather slowing down everything, we scheduled this time to plan the next year of activities for our church. In July, our family and the Dysons were able to go out of town to accomplish this task. However, this was a time of not just planning out the church calendar. It was a time to look ahead and consider what God wants to do with the church He has planted. We know that having long term goals in mind for the church and ministry here in Ethiopia is essential. In a country where Islam is strong, the government is corrupt, and the money is constantly being devalued, we know planning is important. We invited one of our church members to join us for this important discussion.
So, in the near future, we will be sharing with our supporters the vision God has put on our hearts for the future of our church. We are excited about the amazing opportunities that lay ahead for Bethel. Please pray with us over the next few months as we desire to make an impact for Jesus Christ in Ethiopia.

Three ways to get involved!
Are you looking for a way to help spread the Gospel on a foreign field? If so, Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Ethiopia can use your help.
First, we are organizing a medical trip that will be coming to Ethiopia on May 31st through June 10th of next year. We are looking for doctors, nurses, dentists, and individuals with diagnostic skills, etc. The purpose of this trip is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a country where medical facilities and doctors are extremely lacking. This will be a unique way to minister to the people of Ethiopia and build relationships so that the Gospel can be presented.Second, our church will be holding a Vacation Bible School on July 2nd - 14th of next year. We are opening this time up for individuals that would like to come and help minister to the children of Ethiopia. If you have a desire to work with children and would like to participate, please let us know. 
Finally, we are beginning to make preparations for “Operation Christmas Child”. This is a special time for our church where we focus on meeting some of the needs of children in our surrounding areas. Last year, our church packed and delivered bags for children in a hospital and a local orphanage. The kids received notebooks, socks, pencils, blankets, soap, towels, and plates. These bags are a great way for your church to reach out to people who have almost nothing and at the same time open a door for us to share the Gospel. Youth groups or a whole church can get involved by sending a one time donation designated for “Operation Christmas Child”. Make a difference this Christmas and open up a door for the Gospel!