Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bethel has a new meeting place!
I love telling the churches and individuals back home the amazing things God is doing here in Ethiopia. Once again, God has opened doors that we never would have anticipated. Last month, our church was facing some major decisions. The contract on the small house where we had been meeting was about to finish. Our church had seen growth that was making a larger location a real necessity. Option after option for a new location was considered, only to have the offer on our final choice fall through. God seemed to be closing doors.

With just a short amount of time to make a decision, we continued to look. As we went from location to location, the broker took us to a house that was close to being finished. It was located in the middle of our community, good roads, and an amazing amount of space. It had real potential, but time was short.

Dawit, one of our church members, began making phone calls to the owner of the house. Negotiating the price is only part of the process. Making sure the owner is comfortable with the house being used as a church is another. Both are essential. Within a few days, the owner of the house called to personally talk to us on the phone. We told him our desire to rent the house for a church and to continue to be a blessing to the people of Ethiopia. As we talked, the owner seemed supportive. He said he would talk with his family and let us know their decision. With no other options that we liked, it seemed as if we had come down to the end. We waited with anticipation, praying that God would have His way.

It was only a short amount of time till the news came in. The house was OURS! God had opened a door in His time. The owner agreed to allow the house to be used as a church, the price was right, and the contract was signed for two years! We couldn’t have asked for more.

Bethel now has room to continue to grow. The property is a five-hundred square meter compound. The house has two levels, with the bottom being for adults, and the top having three classrooms for children. In the back are two rooms for the nursery with a connecting bathroom. With a small grassy area and plenty of room for children to play, it is an amazing compound.

Thank you to all of the churches and individuals that gave towards the rent of our new facility. Your sacrificial giving will allow the Gospel to be preached and taught week after week. God is good!

Finishing our second term in Ethiopia...  
We are preparing to leave for the United States to start our furlough. Our schedule is packed full and we are looking forward to seeing family, friends, and reporting to churches on what God is doing. Last month, a donor paid the remaining amount of our plane tickets. What a blessing!!!

As we prepare to leave, we thank God who has given us the strength, health, and opportunity to bring the Gospel to others in need. He has been faithful and we look forward to what He will continue to do!