Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 2012

Shepherds heard it first...
Living in Addis Ababa has changed our perception of what is normal. Traffic that once shocked us is now nothing more than chaos trying to find its way down the street. Food that once tasted different now calls to our taste buds. Animals that once seemed out of place in the city now blend in without us taking a second look. Normal has been redefined for us. This week I talked with the children in Sunday School class about the announcement of Christ’s birth. We discussed how this announcement seemed anything but “normal”. Political leaders, kings, governors, religious leaders were not let in on this divine moment. No, it was the social outcasts of the day. The lowest in society seen as unclean. The ones that may have spent more time with animals than people. The shepherds heard it first. That idea seems to break the “normal” when it comes to announcement making. Can it really be true that this life changing announcement that gave eternal hope was proclaimed in this way? Thankfully, the Gospel is not filled with our wisdom or our “normal”. Even in the announcement of the birth of Christ, the Gospel was being emphasized. The Gospel didn’t come only for the wealthy, powerful, religious or deserving. It is not a message to be given only to the socially acceptable. The Gospel is a message that truly is good news for all. Here in Ethiopia our ministry comes in contact with all different types of people. But the heart need is always the same, the Gospel. The Gospel is the message that we can give out to anyone at anytime even if it might not seem “normal” to the world. This Christmas we are thankful that the shepherds heard the announcement first.

Baptism Sunday...
 A few weeks ago, Feven was baptized in our church. She has been attending the services from the beginning and came to know Christ as Savior a few months ago. Before her baptism, we went down the street to meet with her parents. It was an amazing opportunity to share with her parents her life changing decision and also to tell them more about the Gospel. They expressed their thankfulness and gave permission for Feven to be baptized. It was a day of celebration as our church watched Feven proclaim her faith. Please continue to pray for Feven and her family.

Thank you!
We would like to thank our supporting churches, friends, and family for their sacrificial prayers and giving that allows us to stay in Ethiopia. We know that it is an expression of love for our Savior. The extra Christmas gifts that we have received are much appreciated. Also, we have received around $1,000 toward a future vehicle purchase! This is an item of prayer we ask you to continue to pray with us about as God makes known His desire.

Have a Merry Christmas celebrating His birth!