Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 2013

On April 30th, our bags were packed and we were ready to go. The day to leave Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had arrived. Furlough was right around the corner and all we had to do was wait to be picked up for the airport. To make sure everything was in order and our scheduled flight was still leaving; we quickly checked the Internet. What we found was not encouraging. It appeared that our flight to leave Ethiopia, had been moved to the next night. We thought it had to be a simple mistake. After a few phone calls, we discovered that our flight had been rescheduled. Kids ready to go, house packed up, suitcases full, and we were going to have to wait! If there is one thing in Ethiopia that our family has learned in the last four years, it is that waiting is part of life. Africa at times forces you to wait. What you often think is going to happen and the way you think things should work out, often don’t. God continues to teach our family these lessons, even down to the last few minutes before our furlough. With a one day delay over, we left Ethiopia on May 1st.

One of the highlights of being on furlough is family. God allowed us to visit Amanda’s parents, sister, and grandparents in Spain on the way to the United States. It had been almost two years since we were all able to be together. I also had the privilege of speaking in three different churches in Spain. Shortly after, we arrived in the United States to meet my family in Indiana. There is nothing like being with family that encourages and lifts your spirits.

The last month has allowed us to take care of medical checkups and dentist appointments. God gave us good reports and we are thankful for our health!


In mid-August, we will return back to Ethiopia. We will be purchasing medicine, clothes, and church supplies. Taking back items for the next two years can be costly. Our family has been saving for this expense for months. However, the fees for the extra luggage is something that can quickly add up. If you would like to contribute to this cost, churches or individuals can sponsor a bag for $200. This would greatly help us get the needed supplies back to Ethiopia. You can mark the gift as “Baggage”. Thank you for your consideration and helping us bring the hope of the Gospel to Ethiopia.