Friday, April 13, 2012

April 2012

Responding to God’s Word

Over the last few months, I have been preaching through the book of Colossians. It has had great application for our church here in Ethiopia. The Orthodox church emphasizes the importance of a priest, saint worship, and is full of rituals and works. Showing the people from the Bible that Christ is God and is able to save a person based on His work has been a major part of our teaching. Please continue to pray as we go verse by verse through this book with the people of Bethel. We know it is His word alone that can save those who are still in darkness.

On March 4th, we baptized two more individuals at our church! The first was an Ethiopian man that had received Christ and was being discipled by our missionaries before our family arrived. He followed in baptism as some of his orthodox family watched. We pray that God used Dawit’s act of obedience as a witness to his family who are not believers. Praise the Lord for our fourth family to join the membership of Bethel. I also baptized that day Kayla. She had received Christ and had been asking about following in believer’s baptism. It was my joy that day to baptize my daughter and a gracious gift of God to see it. God is doing a work here in Ethiopia and we ask for your continued prayers as people respond to His Word.

Children’s Schooling

When we arrived to Ethiopia in 2009, we had not yet been exposed to the fact of how needy this country is in the area of education. Schools in Ethiopia struggle with high numbers and often inadequate facilities. We had prayed from the beginning that God would provide a school for Kayla and Aaron. Remarkably, He allowed us to arrive at the right time so that they could be enrolled in Bingham Academy. Bingham is a missionary school that has been around since the 50’s and is known for a Christian education. Today, many are not able to get into this school as it is at maximum capacity. Amanda and I believe that this school is the best option right now for our family. Not only have our kids enjoyed a good education, but they have experienced Godly influences and had the blessing of making many friends.

With schools being few here in Ethiopia, the price of Bingham has also continued to rise. When we first enrolled the children in Bingham we had a “sister mission” status. That meant we received a 25% discount on our school bill. We were notified last year that this status would be phased out fully in the near future. Adding to this, the school is requiring a special fee for next year alone.
After discussing this issue with our sending Pastor, we asked his permission to share this need with our prayer partners and churches. We are asking you first of all to pray that God would give us wisdom and patience for this situation. This is an important issue to our family that also effects our ministry. We are also asking you to pray about financially considering a one time gift to this need. This gift would be used for the 2012/13 school year for Kayla and Aaron and can be marked “Shadle’s School”. Your specific prayers are appreciated as we trust the Lord in all of these matters.