Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 2013


Our family has returned to Ethiopia after finishing our furlough. It was a much needed time that God used to refresh us. We are so thankful for everything He allowed us to accomplish.

As always, the supplies that we take back to Ethiopia really add up. This time we took back fifteen suitcases with everything from clothes, ministry items, and medicine. We anticipated having extra luggage fees, but never know exactly what those fees will be until we check the bags in at the airport. We rented a small trailer to hold the luggage and arrived at the airport early. While I was parking the trailer, Amanda began the check-in process. I had to park the trailer further than expected from the airport so it took me a while to get back. By the time I returned, Amanda had the check-in process done! I couldn’t believe it. She quickly began to tell me what we paid for the extra luggage. Instead of charging us $200 per bag over our normal allotment, the first four extra bags were only $100. The next three were the normal $200. Instead of paying $1,400, she discounted the luggage to $1,000. Not only did our luggage fees end up being lower than anticipated, but they were totally covered by generous givers. We can’t thank you enough for sacrificially giving toward this important need!

In the end, all of our suitcases made it to Ethiopia together. The customs agent stopped me because of some sound equipment I had for the church. When I explained that I was not selling it but using it for our ministry, he told me to go on. We give God all the praise for His grace.

1st Day of School 2013-2014


Our family wants to finish this update by simply reminding the churches and individuals that support our ministry how truly grateful we are for your faithfulness.  The work our family desires to do in Ethiopia would not be possible without your sacrifice. We truly are blessed!